Posada el Campo in Secadura


Do you remember the article recently published on the blog “12 beautiful villages of Cantabria"? Well, today we are going to focus on Drying or more concisely in that really different inn that we let intuit. In the Posada el Campo in Secadura We give you our opinion of a place where the chairs are pictures, the hydromassage is an annexed part of your bed and the real disconnection exists.

We cannot say anything else that we bring a very pleasant memory of our stay there. We tell you with our usual review

Posada el Campo, your home but in the rural Eastern Cantabria

Before describing this magnificent lodging and doing the analysis to which we are accustomed, especially from different places like this, we will place ourselves on the map and tell a little history. Secadura is a town in the municipality of Voto located in its westernmost part. One of the reasons why it stands out is that it houses the Otero cave where another sample of Paleolithic art is found, which we already enjoyed in the Covalanas Cave and how much it moved us. In fact, today it is declared an Archaeological Zone.

Another of these reasons is the celebration of the Folk Earth Festival that has been held for a few years and brings together important groups of this genre. As you can see another charming town to drop.

And how to get to another of the privileged enclaves of Eastern Cantabria? Although we chose it on a route that came from the interior, the best of all is that it is located a few kilometers from the civilization, the A8 and most charming places of rural Cantabria but achieves an atmosphere of absolute tranquility sometimes Hardly found. We start the day for the Gándara, continue through Arredondo, Ogarrio and from there to get to Voto, cross Matienzo

Little to add to everything we've been telling you. The landscape that you find along the way is spectacular, nature one hundred percent and one of the best views you will find on these mountain roads that, as we discussed earlier, we traveled quietly and completely alone ...! Almost an hour without finding a single car ! (something that is especially appreciated as heavy as we who want to take pictures of everything, hehe).

As final destination in Vote ... The Posada el Campo in Secadura!

La Posada el Campo, the dream of two women

We are in one of the most special (and I fall short saying it) and different accommodations we have never been to: Posada el Campo, which also owes its existence to part of a dream, the dream of two women (Deni and Paula) who wanted those who chose their inn to feel at home and this is transmitted in every detail and in every corner. But let's start where you should start, at the beginning. Upon arrival we find a beautiful house of recent construction in the middle of a large green esplanade surrounded by trees and nature in all its splendor.

Walking a little through its entrance we find an area that we can give you the category of chillout, mounted with great pleasure and prepared to spend some time having a relaxing tea. Outside we also see a giant terrace that in summer fill it with chairs and tables to sit while you take a little sun or relax watching what you have around you. With this you want to stay here to spend all the vacations you can have because you will leave with renewed energy. Does anyone doubt it?

Do we talk about your interior? The house is divided into three floors, in the first one we find the hall, a living room with different environments so that you are as comfortable as possible, the dining room and the kitchen and on the other two floors the different rooms.

It is all decorated with love and care, thought to the smallest detail, personalized with memories like authentic fans of Moulin Rouge or also mixing the modern with the authentic of the old like a piano that is the pride of its owners. Here you can be sure that you will not miss your house at any time. And what about high-value chairs used as pictures? And that gives you to think ... why not?

The rooms are decorated following the same pattern, each one more beautiful and each one of them, with their own names from the different neighborhoods of Secadura, has a surprise incorporated

Of course, there are rooms that not even with all the words in the world we could define. Do you want to guess what the surprise of the most original room is?

Raise your hand who would be planted tomorrow at Posada el Campo in Secadura with this room ...

The treatment, familiarity and affection as a claim

We could give you a thousand details of the inn, the environment or the activities but there is something that we would like to highlight above all and that far exceeds all of the above ... It is the familiarity with which they receive you and the affection with the one that their owners treat you as if they knew you for a lifetime. They are those kind of people that you are delighted to meet and that you would spend hours listening to all the stories they want to tell you. So we spent a very pleasant time knowing the history of Posada el Campo and its surroundings.

And as we would do at home, at dinner time we went down to the dining room (they give you that possibility). This is to recharge batteries, a homemade dinner, delicious and in large quantities. It goes without saying that they care very much about not being hungry, does the smell get you there?

If you have guessed, a delicious fish soup and two steaks at your point to suck your fingers and dessert cake, you can ask for more !!!

You already know that we like to tell experiences rather than technical data that you can see on their own website or on any reservation website, but mention that although this real disconnection is encouraged in a privileged location, it does not mean that in that commitment to the combination between the old and the modern, we are not going to miss absolutely anything, starting with the WIFI, cafeteria, adaptability to people with reduced mobility, organic garden, winter heating, laundry, etc ...

As for activities, in addition to the pool itself, which allows pets! (This is important for many people) and that provides babysitting! (The same for another goal), Posada el Campo will help you plan routes on foot, by bicycle, quads or on horseback, to reserve paragliding, boat trips in Laredo, descent in Canoa or to know everything we have told you these days (Caves, villages, viewpoints, hiking) offered by Cantabria Oriental

Our final assessment of Posada el Campo

In terms of price, it has 12 luxurious rooms, new and prepared with different prices that go from 75-90 EUR but that even some of them allow the use for 4 people (at less than € 25 per night head), which makes it an additional economic option. Check availability and prices here for Posada el Campo in Secadura, Cantabria.

I imagine that you have already realized that we have fallen in love, for the environment, the exterior, the house, ... but very especially the most affectionate treatment we receive. That's why they are all PROS and not to mention the breakfast that would make him score even more points and that we missed mentioning.

As CONS, I only find one ... not being able to enjoy this one day getaway!

Would we recommend it? Of course yes. It is one of the most charming accommodations we have encountered in our trips, and which we will repeat without a doubt in the very near future, we have no doubt

Paula and Isaac, from Posada el Campo (Cantabria)